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  Happy and healthy 2017 to all ! This year has just begun and there is already a whirlwind of positivity surrounding it!!! It is the perfect time to begin to live, dream and create the life that you have always wanted to live. It is time to find your true self, shine your inner […]

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Welcome to Vixen Unleashed by Vixen Cosmetics!  We believe that true beauty comes from experiences of triumph over struggle, strength, courage and selflessness. Cosmetics are a tool to unleash your inner story. How will YOU unleash your inner Vixen? We proudly offer products that are Cruelty Free,  Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and Gluten Free, manufactured […]

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It is within the core of your being lies the truest form of beauty a person could hold.  It is the root of all of your hopes, dreams  skills, gifts, talents, wisdom, and interests. It is that beautiful inner voice that you speak to when you do some deep soul searching. There is undeniable  beauty […]

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